Toys for two-year-olds

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The December dates are approaching and the search for those toys for our children, so in today’s post we are going to mention some toys for two year olds, which we will consider for their usefulness and price.

I want to make a series of posts where I will divide them by ages, so you can go directly to check the age of your children and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I know of some families that do not like this tradition but I personally am very excited to continue this tradition of the child Jesus or Santa Claus, because as a child I loved to wake up to see my gifts under the tree every December 25, which is why as much as we can I would like to keep it and give that special moment to my little one.

Now if we are going to start with this little review

Toys for two (2) year olds

At this age we can already begin to experiment with the toys or games that we provide to our children since, they stay more concentrated in the activities that they carry out. At this age they are still learning new skills so it is important to continue stimulating their learning and this is where play plays a very important role. On the other hand, not all toys can be interesting to them at this age, so we have to take into account not only what is appropriate for their age but also what they have preferences for. In the case of boys it may be that they prefer to play with cars, everything that has to do with wheels, animals, dolls and in the case of girls it may be that they like dolls, play with balls, draw or even build things.

For this age and both sexes I would recommend the following toys:

Pounding bench wooden toy

This toy is one of my favorites because it is fun, colorful and great for all ages. As a learning factor we have to hit an objective that will involve your child working the hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills as well as teaching about the Cause-Effect aspect.

A kitchenette

Children like this toy a lot because they always want to do what they see their parents doing, but they can’t cook yet for safety reasons. Having a toy kitchen will encourage their creativity and imagination.

Stella doll

It is very beneficial for children to have a doll to stimulate emotional bonds, and that they can develop their paternal/maternal instinct.  This doll is very soft and your child will want to carry it everywhere.


This toy is a giant mat that will bring out that artistic side of your little one, through the use of a special water pencil, and nothing sounds better than not having to clean paints from clothes, walls, and everything that children usually paint when they get creative.

Remember friends that the most important thing is not to buy a toy but to play with our children, and to help us of certain tools to be able to help them to learn new abilities and to develop all their potentialities.

I hope this post has been very useful and we will see you in the next one with more information.

Let’s play!


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